Who We Are?

Diamond Capitals is a full-service, UK investment management company specializing in Forex Trading, Stocks & Commodities Trading, Cryptocurrency Trading, Private Wealth Management and Financial Advisory Services. Diamond Capitals started operations in 2011 with the specific objective of meeting the investment needs of ethical individuals, businesses, and organizations across Europe and the Americas.

Since it started operations in 2011, Diamond Capitals has demonstrated its capacity to create long-term value for the investors we advise. We have a solid reputation in asset allocation and have gained recognised expertise in selecting talented managers, by adopting an open architecture since the beginning. Diamond Capitals is duly registered with the United Kingdom Company House in 2011 with the registry number 076 151 23.

The contribution of unlisted assets has enabled us to build a first-rate track record over the past years. In a context of extremely high risk rates and volatile financial markets, this unlisted investment strategy is particularly relevant and has delivered solid, long-term performances for our investors.

Our Mission

We are a trading and investment management company aimed at providing clients the best possible services in today’s markets.

The Service

Diamond Capitals is a leading investment provider to financial market professionals. Our technical strategies cover cryptocurrencies.

Number Of Trades

With over $5.3 Trillion traded daily in the cryptocurrency, we are dedicated to giving our clients their own share of the money daily.

We specialize in trading and managing accounts and funds for her investors; ensuring that investors get their promised ROI on investment. A few years ago the platform specially traded for a few employed members of the sponsor organisations and kept pushing to take it global.

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